A HAPPY Client:

An unsolicited offering from a long time client.

March 2019
How one person “Ms. Natalie King” has changed in my life. 

In 2014, my personal life was a mess and my professional life was consuming every waking hour of my time. Work became my escape from the challenges I faced personally. I was dealing with relationships problems and felt a growing feeling of hopelessness. I was unable to find a healthy relationship for numerous reasons. Professionally things were ok, my business was stable, and we were meeting our client’s goals for the most part. In late 2014 my business started to grow and expand globally which added additional responsibilities and pressure on me. I was traveling 6 and 7 days a week to client locations, which affected my personal life. I found myself working 24×7. Work helped to take my mind off the personal challenges that I was facing. I was afraid to enter into any kind of relationship that had any level of commitment or would be holding me to any individual. Life as I knew it was a mess. 

In late 2013, I was having lunch with a good friend of mine who knew a lot about me and my struggles. He encouraged me to speak to a professional about my situation. He shared some of his own experiences and suggested that I may want to speak to Ms. Natalie King. He said that Natalie was instrumental in helping him get his life back on track and that she helped him deal with many of his challenges after the passing of his wife. She helped him prioritize what was most important in his life, his children and his health. He credits Ms. King’s coaching and holistic knowledge for helping him get his life on track and having the focus and stability to guide his 3 children to success despite their loss. Today at 55 he is engaged, his children thriving, his health has never been better and he enjoys a very successful career. 

This endorsement clearly peaked my interest, so soon after our lunch I contacted Ms. King to discuss my situation and see if she was interested in helping me. Ms. King suggested that to get things started that I would need to share my personal goals, feelings and objectives. This was needed to help her understand where and how to start her coaching. Ms. King’s approach was no nonsense, straight forward and very strict (she could tell I responded well to that). She held me accountable for each one of my actions – no exceptions. Failure was not an option. She is extremely demanding and relentless in her approach. She pushed me and my limits in so many ways, which opened my eyes to many new experiences that I thought were impossible. 

Here are just a few of the ways Ms. King has helped me in the past five years: 

  • Improved my physical health – at 69 my health is that of a 40-year-old
. Weight loss of more than 50 lbs. 
  • Take time for yourself – prioritize. 
Opened my eyes to personal relationships – I now have a serious relationship with a beautiful, successful, wonderful woman. 
  • Business success – focus on what’s important has helped me grow and prosper even further.
  • Improve my sex life and sexuality – focus on what is important opened my eyes to world around me – think outside the box. 
Don’t be afraid of trying new things – live life to the fullest everyday. Let yourself go – have fun each and everyday. 
  • Accept new challenges – give it your all
. Don’t be afraid of commitment – let your heart guide you.

Ms. King coaching provides strict and realistic goals that are achievable if you are fully committed to her and her programs. 

I would strongly recommend Ms. King if are looking for someone to help you gain new insight into your life. She is a very powerful and focused woman with strong beliefs on what life is all about. She has changed my life in ways I could have never believed to be possible 5 years ago and definitely not at almost 70 years old. I feel younger and more alive than ever. 

– A very happy Client of Ms. Natalie King